Fed Rez is an Alternative Hip-Hop group that draws its thematic inspiration from the economically elite that influence world affairs via political allegiances, affluent lineages, media control, and the desire for world domination.  By humorously imitating the greedy actions of these individuals, Fed Rez implicitly maintains the socially-conscious spirit of true hip-hop without coming off as cliche or preachy.  With influences that range from Public Enemy and Big Daddy Kane to contemporaries such as Run the Jewels and Odd Future, Fed Rez combines superior live performances and lyricism with production that is curtailed to the modern audience.

B.I.Z. is forthright about his desire to gain wealth and power in his lyrics.  During live performances, B.I.Z. sprays money at the audience using a Cash Cannon. 

Higgz Boson is an MC that derives his inspiration from Physics and Acrobatic Physical movements.  Higgz Bozon has been known to break dance on stage during Fed Rez shows.

Also known as Oliver Tomwell, Tommy is the primary Musical Producer for Fed Rez.  In addition, Tommy delivers classy raps that are borderline bourgeois yet always indulgent.  

Also known as DJ Blacksheep, Who Tony is a talented DJ/Producer well-versed in classic boom-bap and underground styles of hip-hop.  Who Tony is technically sound and  armed with the two Technics 1200 turntables.